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What is really the problem?

in game

This morning on my way back from taking Mog to school I had my normal radio station on (5 live – news in the morning sport in the evening… ideal), but one of the items they had on was an interview with a mother whose son had racked up a £4000 bill from in-game purchases in Fifa 14. I won’t bore you with the details of what was exactly involved, but essentially her credit card details were stored on the machine and so her 13 year old son could without thinking keep buying more and more things.

There are 2 important lessons to learn, the first is the obvious, be aware of any game that has in-game purchases. It is quite a common thing now, in fact a large percentage of apps for phones and tablets rely on you buying in-game material. Don’t be fooled make sure that everyone in the house knows this and that everyone knows what the ‘house rules’ are.

With Apple products you can go to the settings to turn off in game purchases if that is what you want. It is harder on Playstation’s and X-boxes but if you do not want people to buy things simply do not put your card details in.

But the second thing to consider about this was her response to the question: ‘Who are you most upset or angry at?’

Now what followed revealed something very deep about the human heart.

That we are not to blame… for this mother of the 13 year old boy said that the people with the biggest responsibility for this was the games companies…

But really that is absolute rubbish.

The person to blame is her son.

He knew what he was doing, he knew he was spending money, but in her words ‘he got caught up in the game’.

Or in other words he was so caught up in his world, in his own enjoyment that he did not care for anyone else.

Passing the blame for our sin is as old as the world… just look at Genesis 3v12-13:

‘The man said, “The woman YOU put here with me – she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it”. Then the Lord God said to the woman. “What is this you have done?” The woman said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.”.

When asked what they had done both Adam and Eve passed the blame… it wasn’t their fault, it was their circumstance (The woman that God had put there) or it was someone else (the serpent).

The only people who are guilty of our sin, is ourselves. If we fall into the trap of thinking that it is our circumstances or other people that cause us to sin we will never get to the heart of the problem and so never come to the real solution.

If I think it is other people I will simply seek to change the externals, where as what I really need is a new heart, what I really need is a rescue.

Only when we see the problem is our own heart, our own sin, will we come to Christ as saviour not to give us good advice but to save us from death to life.

Do you see that as your biggest problem?

But the great truth of following Jesus is that he came to ‘save sinners’. Only when we feel the full force of our own inadequacy and failure, will we feel the full force of his love and forgiveness.

You ARE more sinful then you can know… but you ARE more loved then you can imagine…

Enjoy your day.


The greatest prize

In American sport there are few prizes that can top winning the Super Bowl. It is for American Sport what the FA cup or Wimbledon is for us.

And this year was no different, an estimated 100 million people (about 98% of which are in the USA) watched the Seattle Sea Hawks convincingly beat the Denver Broncos.

For the players of the Sea Hawks this was without doubt the single greatest defining point of their sporting careers, they could not reach anything greater.

But yet listen to this short interview with some of the players and coaching staff and the perspective they give… You might be surprised at what they say.

Could you say that? What is the greatest prize in your life?

In view of God’s mercy

I wonder what you think of when you hear those words from Romans 12 ‘In view of God’s mercy…’

Perhaps this video will help…


Tea at the Five

Hello all,

Sorry that I haven’t sent this out earlier but unfortunately it completely flew out of my mid earlier this week.
Each month we are down to do the tea at the Five (on the 4th Sunday of the month I believe). It would be great if some of you would be willing to simply provide some food for it. The older Youth will be able to sort out serving…etc but we would appreciate any food that could be supplied.
Below is a list of items that would be needed. Although if there is something specific that you would like to bring not mentioned please do give me a shout.
If you are able to help please do email me back. If you are not planning on coming to the Five you could still drop the food off in the morning (as long as you let me know).
Thanks very much for all your help
Food Items:
40 Small Triangle sandwiches (one loaf) – HAM (including some un-buttered)
40 Small Triangle sandwiches (one loaf) – Cheese
40 Small Triangle sandwiches (one loaf) – Strawberry Jam
24 packets of crisps (or equivalent in large bags)
40 Small Sausage Rolls
Bunch of bananas
Bag of apples
Net of satsumas


I am the way…


I would guess to many of us these are familiar words. But I wonder what feelings they evoke within in you?

When we consider that Jesus is the life it brings us great joy, and indeed we know we can have confidence in that because he is the truth. But how do we get there? What does it mean for Jesus to be ‘the way’?

I think the great danger that we fall into is thinking that when Jesus says He is the way we think of an image a bit like the one above. Jesus tells me where to go and it is my task to walk along it, and if successful I will end up with Him in His new creation.

The problem with that is two fold, one we are rubbish and two life is hard.

We are both unable to walk that path in and by ourselves because we do not have the capacity to walk it inside of us, and even if we were a little stronger, the path is simply to hard to go down. So we are left feeling helpless and burdened.

But thankfully that is not what Jesus meant at all… Jesus rather is not the path, but the vehicle. To help us, imagine how you might answer this question ‘how are you going to get to London?’ You could answer on the A24, that is the way to go… but it’s not how, the answer is Mark’s driving me in his car. The car is the way by which you get to London, and so Jesus is the one who brings us to the Father, He is the one who carries us home. This is an old truth, but one which should never be forgotten or we rob ourselves of the joy of knowing and following Christ. Please PRAY that myself and all the other Rooted leaders will know that joy each day for ourselves. Maybe you want to pray that for yourself too?


The Serving Saviour


I don’t know if you have seen the film ‘Saving Private Ryan’. Broadly speaking the plot revolves around a solider called James Ryan. He and his 3 brothers are serving in the US army during WWII.

Sadly his brothers are killed all around the same time and their mother receives the three telegrams all on the same day. James is missing in action.

A team of 8 soldiers is sent out into occupied France to find Private Ryan. The mission is successful although 6 of the company are killed during the mission.

As the film draws to a close, the captain of the party (played by Tom Hanks) lies dying on the floor, he leans into Private Ryan and says: ‘James… earn this. Earn it’.

We then move forward to an elderly James Ryan kneeling by Captain Millers grave haunted by that question… has he earnt it?

He says he spends every day pondering that question. And despite assurances from others he can never get an answer.

Many of us think that this is the picture of the Christian life, Jesus died for you now go and earn it. Make sure you pay Jesus back by the life that you live and the things that you do.

But the truth is that you could not be more wrong. The Christian life is not about whether we have served enough, its whether we have been served by Jesus.

Jesus tells us that ‘the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many’ (Matthew 20v28 & Mark 10v45).

For those that trust in Jesus we need not be haunted by the question of whether we have done enough or not… for Jesus has done it all completely. There is no debt to be made up for all your sin has been done away with.

The serving Saviour, has saved us supremely.

Enjoy your day.

(Written after reading ‘Creature of the Word’ by Josh Patterson, Eric Geiger & Matt Chandler)

Prayer Meetings & Term cards – Email sent 10th January

Good Morning all,

I hope you are keeping well.
As hopefully you know we very much see this work as a partnership between youth workers and parents wanting to work together to help you children to grow up to know, love and trust Jesus for themselves. With that in mind we want to have an opportunity to regularly pray for them as a cooperate whole.
And to really aid this partnership what we would love is if one of you would be prepared to act as a parent prayer coordinator. Which simply means be willing to organise the meetings and let people know when they are happening. In the past we have done termly evening prayer meetings, however this could be completely changed, we felt as a youth team that perhaps a shorter monthly meeting might be better on say a Sunday afternoon. But all such details can be discussed.
We would still be able to provide the main input into these meetings, so really the task is one of organisation and enthusiasm to get people to come and pray.
If that is something that you would like to do then please do come and chat to me as we do really want to raise our prayerfulness for our young people.
To try and cut down on postage we will hand out hard copies of the term card this week and then send any that are left over.
Please remember to keep checking the website, I copy all these emails onto the website (as long as they are fine for public viewing) so if you lose this then please check under the ‘News’ category on there. Also there is the latest blog entry up for your perusal which can be found here.
Thanks very much

Why the Rooted Blog?

So what is the hope of this blog? Quite simply to help each one of us become rooted in Jesus. There will be no magic words on here that will change your life or hints and tips that will make being a Christian easier. All I hope to do is to be able to in some small way remind you of God’s love for you through Jesus.

We picked the name Rooted, not simply because it lends itself well to good easy graphics, but because the image of a rooted tree is one of the best pictures the Bible uses to describe what the Christian life is like.

A tree’s strength comes entirely from its roots, when the recent storms hit our fair land it was predominately fences and small trees that fell… The ones with the bigger roots survived.

The deeper the roots the more strength the tree has.

But also it is only through the roots that the tree is fed. In and of itself the tree cannot survive without the nourishment that the roots bring.

The roots bring all the tree needs for life.

So then, why this blog?

To help you to send down deeper roots into Jesus and remind you that in Him you have all you need for life.

Why would you go to anyone else?

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. (Colossians 2v6-7)

Email sent out 6th January

Good afternoon all,

This is hopefully the first of many emails that you will receive from me about the youth work taking place at St. Margaret’s. These emails will be a mixture of practical information but also hopefully giving you an insight into what we have been doing at Rooted allowing you to carry on the discussion with your children and encourage them in their learning.
These emails then will in effect take the place of the parents booklet that we use to produce for you.
Before I push onto immediate matters can I draw your attention to our new website:
Here you will find all the info that you might need, so if you veer want to check anything it should all be on there.
I will also be writing a blog for both the youth and parents which I hope will be a useful resource.
If you also feel so inclined you can also follow us on Twitter at:
And check out our Facebook page: although please note we will not be pushing the Facebook page especially heavily amongst our younger youth as members shouldn’t be on Facebook under the age of 13.
But onto this week…
Please note that there is NO Rooted Tuesday this week. We will be starting on TUESDAY 14th January at 19:00 at the usual location.
Rooted Sunday will meet this Sunday (12th January). We will be encouraging all of the older youth to attend the Five service and then join together afterwards for food and Bible study. We hope to finish approximately by 21:00 although we may still need to iron out timings slightly.
Also some of you may remember that we said there would be a Rooted Prayer meeting on 27th January. This will NO LONGER be taking place then due to a PCC meeting. Although I will get back to you shortly with a new date.
Finally look out later this week for the term plan.
Thank you so much for your continued partnership in this valuable work.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.
In Christ,

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