Recently I have been reading David Murray’s excellent book ‘Jesus on every page’ (

And I came across these words (it is talking about Jesus in regards to creation).

‘Have you every thought about the the incredible imagination and inventiveness behind the created worked and asked why? Why did our Redeemer go to such lengths to provide us with such a varied and diverse world? Partly the reason was that He has an eye to using such things, animals, materials, and so on to teach sinners the way of salvation. He was preparing visual aids for future use.

He created sheep so He could teach sinners about how He is the Good Shepherd. he created birds to help His redeemed people live less anxious lives. He created camels to teach how hard it is for those who trust in riches to enter heaven. He created lilies and roses so He could compare Himself with them. he created water to explain how He refreshes and revives the thirsty.

When Jesus picked those up some four thousand years after their creation, they were not just coincidentally helpful to Him; He deliberately created them for the great end of helping to redeem a people.

And think of how Jesus even created what would be used in His own crucifixion. What did He think when He made trees, one of which would one day suspend Him between heaven and earth? What did He think when he made the metal that would eventually impale Him on the cross? He made what would be used to cause Him pain and kill Him. He created all the accessories of redemption.’ (p.47-48)

Firstly just ponder that thought today… and then secondly, get hold of his book to be filled with a joy of Christ in all things.