Well not long now… Half Term has come and gone, Halloween has come and gone and finally Bonfire night is out of the way so we are well and truly on to the Big C… Christmas is on the way! But before we get caught up in camels, candles and carol services just take a moment to think back to ponder anew the marvellous introduction to that first Christmas…

Just consider this thought… The Lord who made heaven and earth, the One who made the stars and trees, the One who spoke to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Lord who displayed his power and might by sending the plagues on Egypt ‘so that they would know that I Am the Lord’. The One who covered a mountain in smoke and said anyone who sees my face will die because you cannot look on me in my holiness and glory and live. The One who went before his people to conquer a land full of giants and pagans and made this new people a nation. The One who gave a Shepherd boy victory over a man who stood nearly twice his size and then made that same Shepherd boy King and gave him rest from all his enemies. The One  who sent his people away into exile, but while they were there looked after his faithful ones, who protected them from flame and famine. The One who brought them home… and then the One who didn’t say anything for 400 years…

It would be as if we could look back and hear stories of all the Lord had done from year 0-1600, but then now in 2014, there had been nothing since. No word, no voice… nothing.

It is into that background that we read these words from the start of Luke’s gospel ‘Then the angel of the Lord appeared to him…’ (Luke 1v11) 400 years of silence and now the Lord speaks again… he speaks to Zechariah about the birth of John the Baptist, and then shortly after to Mary foretelling the birth of Jesus then to Joseph and the Shepherds. And what is this marvellous message? That God is coming to town… God is to be born amongst us. The One who has created and sustained all things, is taking flesh… ponder anew that today.

I found these words from Sovereign Grace Music’s song ‘Who would have dreamed’ to be amazing in helping me to think about this afresh this Christmas time… I hope they help you too…

And who would have dreamed or ever foreseen. 

That we could hold God in our hands? 

The Giver of Life is born in the night 

Revealing God’s glorious plan 

To save the world