It was just over a week ago that we were remembering Jesus’ death and resurrection at Easter…

Yesterday at the 9:15am service and this coming week at the 5pm service we will be celebrating communion, a chance for us to remember together that  sacrifice.

But Just stop for a moment and consider what view of humanity Jesus has by even instigating communion. As if the death of God would be something we would forget, so much so that we need a symbolic meal to remind ourselves.

But sadly, that is exactly what we do.

Perhaps we do not forget the details, but perhaps we forget that Jesus died for me, perhaps we forget that it was not nails that held Jesus to the cross but his love for us as our sin was laid upon him. Martin Luther had good reason therefore to say that ‘we all carry the nails of Jesus in our pockets’.

So just consider next time you take the bread and the wine how low we are that we even need such a meal in the first place…. but then consider the love of the Saviour who not only gave as a means to remember but became the means of salvation for us.

We will remember…